Arturo Ferrarin

Thiene Airport Vicenza Italy

General Aviation, Ultralight aviation, Gliders, Helicopters, Skydiving, Acrobatics, Hot Air Balloons... also Maintenance, Storage, Fuel and Coffee services.

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At the Arturo Ferrarin airport work numerous companies and associations that are the driving force of all our activities.


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From World War II to the 21st century... constantly updated to make a difference.

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1200 meters of illuminated runway for take-off and landing, also at night

several hangars, some of them recently built



General aviation

General aviation and commercial flight with aircraft and helicopters

Ultralight aviation

Flying ultralights can be the quickest, simplest, and most inexpensive way to get in the air for pilots who just want to have fun.


Commercial flight and air taxi operated with precision and punctuality


The emotion of the free fall at 200 km/h, a real jump from 4,500 m


Gliding is like no other form of air travel. Soaring high above the clouds you’ll feel like a bird, with nothing but the sound of the wind.


L'adrenalina ti accompagnerà in uno dei voli più spettacolari che potrai mai fare.

Air Museum

The history, experiences and stories of the aviation protagonists in the exhibitions that we have the pleasure to host

Hot air balloon

A flying experience like no other. Watch the world from above with a wonderful balloon ride!

The sky

Alla vita, all’amore, alla morte e al mio motoresempre ubriaco di benzina e di spazio, che ha squarciati i Silenzi dell’Infinito coll’urlo rauco dei suoi 250 HP
cit. Arturo Ferrarin



Via Pra’ Novelli 15,
36016 Thiene (Vicenza)


Tel: +39 0445 362723
Fax: +39 0445 1633018



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